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As single women, we often live with a proverbial biological clock hanging over our heads that seems to go off every time one of our friends gets married or starts a family. We learn at a young age to measure our worth as women by whether or not a man has asked for our hand in marriage or the number of baby pictures we have on our desk at work. As we wait on God to send our mate, we say things like, “when I get married, I will”; all the while missing the beauty of the journey. But what if while we are waiting on God, we realize that God is actually waiting on us? What if we discovered that the key to surviving the wait, is not waiting at all? It is evolving until we get there. While You Are Waiting is a love letter to single women that encourages, uplifts, and calls each of us to action. It challenges us to change our perspective on what it means to wait on God. This literary offering explores topics like the helicopter effect, viewing singleness as a course and not a curse, and marrying for where you are versus marrying for where you are going. Combined with life-changing principles and deeply compelling personal stories of her own, author Fatima L. Hall inspires readers to find purpose in their singleness while developing the confidence to enjoy the journey.

"A woman who walks in purpose never has to chase people, opportunities, or even a mate. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her."

Chapter 7: Wake Up The Winner In You


"The key to waiting is not waiting at all. It is evolving until you get there."

Chapter 4: All My Single Ladies

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