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Fatima L. Hall is no stranger to the world of writing and publishing. For over ten years, she served as the founding CEO and Editor In Chief of the first internationally distributed Christian youth publication, IMAGE Magazine. The publication was birthed out of Fatima’s heart for young people and desire to see them embrace their beliefs in an innovative, exciting way. After a shift in the economy caused IMAGE to close its doors in 2010, Fatima re-engaged with her corporate roots and began working for Delta Airlines. Although she enjoyed her work in the corporate field, she still knew that there was a longing in her heart to continue to inspire others through writing. She finally accepted the call as an author and began to write her first book, While You Are Waiting, a love letter to single women that encourages, uplifts, and calls each of us to action.


“When I began writing this book, I knew I would have to come from a very vulnerable space in my life; that I would have to dig deep and touch on some memories and experiences that would stir up a plethora of emotions that I had buried deep. But I decided from the first typed word, that if what I have been through could bring change to another woman’s life, then it was well worth every tear I would cry and every unsolicited emotion I would feel as I revealed my heart through my fingertips and watched the words of this manuscript come to life.”


Fatima holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Howard University and a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Capella University. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA and continues to impact young lives through the program she co-founded entitled The Game of Life; an outreach initiative that provides life skills training and post- incarceration assistance for young men in the juvenile justice system.  Fatima’s mission is to inspire women to find purpose in their singleness while developing the confidence to enjoy life’s journey.

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